Key Elements Of Proper Website Design

To unlock a robust design in your website, there are a lot of things to consider. You need a magical process for amazing transformation, combination, and creation of an attractive design that will easily lure people to your website. There are professional templates and themes that can give your design a boost irrespective of the business or industry. But, to create a custom and impeccable site with the themes and templates available, you need to master the concept of an effective design. You should understand more about the best way to go about your design when you get the right key elements.

There are many elements required for effective website design. Each and every one of these elements is required to ensure perfection in website design. Among the website design key elements include:

Visual appearance and overall layout 

The important component of your website is of course its component. The visual appearance and overall layout determine the reactions and experience of your customers when they interact with the site. You need to make a noticeable first impression on your website to wow your audience. The impression on your visitors will determine their next action after hitting on your website. Some features you need to give your site an overall visual appearance and layout include: Making it simple, intuitive, familiar, accessible, responsive, and clean.

The Color scheme of your website

The color scheme is one other website design element to consider for your next project. One thing to consider when you want to select a color scheme for your next website project is the branding and needs of the target audience. The expectation of four readers is another thing to consider in your choice of color. You may find the color options, such as:

  • Monochromatic 
  • color (one color shade)
  • Analogous color ( few color shade close to each other)
  • Triad ( Colors forming a triangle
  • Complementary ( colors directly across).

Website Typography

The typography font of your website will after the reaction of people about the site. You can choose between the Serif and Sans Serif depending on what you want to achieve. But the truth is that the texts on your website should be readable. So, you need the right font size, weight, family, and type.

Website Navigation

The navigation bar is not the place to showcase your animation prowess or to show your design skills. So, you should avoid many complex effects and animated hover effects. The navigation element can be at the header or footer of your website and the purpose is to lead your visitors to the information they want from your website. So, it should be simple and straight to the point.