The Difference Between SEO And Digital Marketing

For some who may think SEO and Digital Marketing are the same, they are not. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. SEO is a marketing strategy that focuses on using certain keywords and phrases at the highest search position. SEO is actually a part of digital marketing, and it helps websites reach higher search engine rankings. Traffic is very important as it brings visitors and customers.

What to know about digital marketing

Digital marketing is simply marketing that utilizes internet and other digital tools. Digital marketing creates transactions between a business and its customer using digital tools and methods. Some of the tools digital marketing uses are:

The digital marketing and SEO

One of the differences between SEO and Digital Marketing is that SEO is a tool used in Digital Marketing. Search optimization has a major role in any marketing plan. Using SEO ensures that your online business or site receives as much traffic as possible. Another difference between these two is that SEO makes your site show on the highest positions in search engines like Google using specific keywords. SEO targets unpaid traffic or organic traffic whereas digital marketing focuses mainly on paid traffic using other online forms of advertising such as Google ads or Social media ads.

The Difference between SEO and digital marketing

When it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing, the cost can be a difference amongst the two. A website that has been properly optimized would naturally appear in search engine results which will increase natural traffic. However, you may have to pay an SEO professional time after time depending on your company’s budget.

Points to note about digital marketing and SEO

In digital marketing, the cost of a professional SEO service is not the only thing that would be paid for. Because of paid ads on Google or Facebook which rely on the budget of the company, digital marketing can be very expensive. If not properly handled, the company can lose online traffic and SEO benefits from search engines.


Some people may feel that SEO and digital marketing are the same or synonymous. However, these are two very distinct aspects that have their own unique perspective. Of course, they have many similarities including the fact they both try to make businesses more productive. But there are also several lines that clearly distinguish one from the other.