The Self Described “Online Marketers” A Business Should Avoid

 As much as having expertise in online marketing is important for any business, knowing which expert is fake and which one is real can be a real problem. As these people are the taking on the responsibility of your online presence, you are giving them the potential to make your business better or worse. Hiring a well trained marketer for you online business is no joke, as they have business strategies that can be beneficial to your business.

Some facts about the online marketers

But there are in fact many so called “online marketers” that create false promises and take advantage of unsuspecting business owners trying to grow their business online. Many businesses fall victim all the time. They usually hire marketers with fake portfolios and CVs that ruin their business plans and in so doing, lose valuable customers. There are several things any business owner or manager should look out for before hiring any online marketer or firm:

  • Credible experience
  • Proper Consultations
  • Fake Portfolios from past clients
  • Unrealistic offers and promises.

Avoid those that make big promises

Online Marketing is a very competitive industry with countless businesses and agencies trying to create a name for themselves. This is why some self proclaimed “marketing gurus” create huge promises they can’t keep in an effort to gain from business owners that hire them. This is a problem for established businesses as it can make a negative impact on their reputation which can break bonds with loyal and future customers.

Do not go for the inexperienced marketers

Many businesses want a high quality website that generates leads and traffic. Most times, fixing a website can be easily accomplished by a professional web developer. However, fake marketers also use this to their advantage by making you feel as though it’s a more difficult problem than it actually is. Fixing these fake technical issues comes at a very high cost and sometimes they dive into the problem without any proper experience. Ultimately, they may end up destroying your entire website, which leads to spending more money and time on a professional that would actually solve the problem.

Stay away from the online marketers without good portfolio

Having a good portfolio is a good sign that a digital marketing agency has the experience to deal with any business problem. Fake marketing agencies know how important this is, that’s why they create falsified portfolios with the hope that an uninformed business owner would hire them. It’s always a good idea to properly analyze their work with past clients.


As long as you continue to understand what is real and fake in the marketing industry, the better it is for your business. If your business is in need of an agency or web developer, it’s always advisable to verify their experience before investing your money in them. With the proper digital advertising tools, businesses can reach out to your target audience.